Preventing Falls

falls image.pngThe Community Falls pathway has been redesigned to prevent the numbers of falls and falls related injuries for people over 65 by establishing a community based Falls Service and incorporating non-clinical interventions accessed through SAIL connections.


The new Community Falls Team, which is a therapist led multi-disciplinary team of specialist occupational therapists, physiotherapists, therapy assistants and postural, stability instructors has been designed to reduce the number of falls and harm suffered by people from falling. The team provide clinical triage of patients via a designated fall helpline. The newly established Falls Helpline allows a single point of access open to all to seek advice and information and make referrals to the team for further assessment. Referrals are received for patients across the whole falls and frailty spectrum. Referrals receive clinical triage and patients are then assigned to an evidence based intervention. The team also provides outreach and education to partner and tertiary organisations delivering specialist falls prevention education and advice sessions. The team is currently embarking on a new project designed to outreach and support high risk care environments – offering a programme of self-improvement to reduce the falls risk in these environments.


Community based Stable and Steady movement sessions have been set up for people who have fallen or who are at risk of falls.  The data that is collected by the service can be used to ensure that classes are held in locations that are accessible without extended travel.  Locations have been chosen based on geography, need and accessibility.

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