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We are seeking experiences of adults with autism in Lewisham ​

We would like to hear your views!

If you live in Lewisham and 

  • you are an adult (age 18 and above) with a confirmed diagnosis of
  • being on the autistic spectrum  or
  • you are in the process of seeking a diagnosis
  • or you are a carer of an adult with autism, who lives in Lewisham.

We would like to know your experiences of accessing a range of public services and your suggestions about how these services can improve user experience .

Examples of services are hospitals, health centres, GP surgeries, dentists, pharmacists, libraries, community centres, including social services, housing and transport.

What can I do?

Complete an online survey at (for the adult with autism) (for the carer of an adult with autism)

Email your comments to 

What next?

Once we have this information, and further research through publically available material, we can build a broader picture around key areas i.e.

  • how many adults may be living in Lewisham with autism diagnosis
  • your social and housing support needs and how this is being met
  • how you currently spend your time;
  • aspects of your physical and mental well-being  when you access and use public services

This information should give us insight into where services work well and where improvements can be made.  We will share the summary of views and themes with people providing health , council and other public services.  Our aim is to bring greater awareness, and improvement, in how services are delivered. 

For more information: contact Faith Abiola-Ellison on or call her on 020 8314 6009