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Self care week


NHS Lewisham CCG is supporting Self Care Week 2013, which runs from 18 - 24 November. This year’s theme is “Self Care for Life – Take Control”.  GPs in Lewisham are joining the campaign to raise awareness of how individuals can take control of their health and ultimately control of their life.

Dr Hilary Entwistle from Lewisham CCG said: “During Self Care awareness week we want to inspire residents in Lewisham to take control of their health and wellbeing.
“We’re encouraging local people to learn more about the health advice and support that’s out there through their local pharmacy and online so they can take simple lifestyle steps to better health.
“Self Care for Life is about individuals being knowledgeable about their health and taking measures to stay well. For example, eating properly, taking regular exercise, taking care of their own minor ailments as well as managing more serious conditions effectively.”

Self Care awareness week hopes to encourage more people to become health conscious and choose healthy options that will impact positively on their physical health as well as their mental wellbeing.

NHS Health Checks

During this week, there will be a number of local events taking place in Lewisham so do come along!  The NHS Health Checks Roadshow will be taking place at Lewisham Market from 18th – 23rd November.  If you’re aged between 40 – 74, and don’t have an existing long term condition why not get a free NHS health check to find out if you’re at risk of developing heart disease or diabetes?  Support, advice and information will be available for everyone. 

If you’d like to get active, lose weight, quit smoking or cut back on alcohol then come along for a friendly chat to find out more.  Lifestyle changes aren’t always easy, but there are a range of services and groups locally that can give you the knowledge and confidence to take small steps to a healthier future.

Do you have Type 2 Diabetes? Then DESMOND can help You.
DESMOND is not a person, but a free programme to give you the information and the help to understand what Type 2 Diabetes is, how it will affect your life and how YOU can control it.  
DESMOND stands for Diabetes Education and Self Management, for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed Diabetes.
You're welcome to bring along someone to take part with you in this group session.
For more information please ask for a DESMOND leaflet from the pharmacist, or receptionist, practice nurse or GP at your practice. To book a place, either complete the registration slip on the leaflet or call 020 3192 6540. 

To find out more contact the Lewisham Health Improvement Team on 0808 1410 118 or visit  

To find out more about self care simply visit  

Remember: Self Care for Life and take control!