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​​NHS Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group publishes 'People​'s Summit' report

NHS Lewisham Clinical Com​missio​​ning Group (CCG) has published two reports following it's Quality in Health and Social Care: People's Summit.  The event  took place last year​ and was an opportunity for Lewisham CCG  ​and partner organisations to engage with the communities of Lewisham.  Almost 100 people attended the event to share personal experiences of health and social care services.  

Following a review into an incident at Mid-Staffordshire Hospital, the Francis Report made a series of recommendations for all health and social care providers to 'listen' to patients and the public as an essential requirement to improve public services and prevent examples of poor quality care cited in the report.  The Quality in Health and Social Care event was hosted as a response to recommendation Number 129 of the CCG's Francis Action Plan: 'In selecting indicators and means of measuring compliance, the principal focus of  Commissioners should be on what is reasonably necessary to safeguard patients and to  ensure that at least fundamental safety and quality standards are maintained.  This requires close engagement with patients, past, present and potential, to ensure that their expectations and concerns are addressed'.

A full, final report of the background and findings from the partnership event can be found here: Quality in Health and Social Care People's Summit Report.pdf.  A summary report with progress and next steps can be found here: Quality Summit Summary Report.pdf.  

For more information about this please contact Lewisham CCG's engagement team by email or call us on 020 3049 3204.