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​One of our Pharmacists explains UK’s 20 year Vision for Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Antimicrobial resistance is fast moving up the ranks of national and global priorities. In January 2019, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) published the UK’s five and 20 year visions to outline the direction of travel in tackling antimicrobial resistance at home and abroad.

Over the next 20 years, the UK will make further strides towards optimising the stewardship of antimicrobials in all areas e.g. agriculture and the environment, as well as within the NHS. Every five years, there will be a further five-year National Action Plan (NAP) published that will contain more granular detail, building on the accomplishments to date and setting a course for the immediate future.

Nine specific ambitions for change have been defined in the 20 Year Vision and, although all are pertinent, the following are more directly applicable to healthcare:
  • Ambition 3 – Minimise infection
  • Ambition 4 – Provide safe and effective care to patients
  • Ambition 8 – Demonstrate appropriate use of antimicrobials 
  • Ambition 9 – Engage the public on AMR
The CCG plays an integral role in antimicrobial stewardship within Lewisham, in addition to monitoring and interpreting antibiotic usage and resistance patterns. Lewisham is progressively on the right side of national targets, a contribution in part due to our engagement with stakeholders, e.g. activities like participating in the development and deployment of the Lewisham and Greenwich Primary Care antibiotic guidelines via the Microguide app and holding public facing events like a talk at Lewisham library to engage the general community on AMR. 

The NAP and 20 year vision will now be incorporated into the Medicines Management Team’s increasingly active role in combatting AMR in Lewisham.

For more information and resources on the UK’s plans to see antimicrobial resistance contained and controlled by 2040 visit Gov.UK.