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​NHS70 puts Cancer in the Spotlight (20-27 August)

As part of the celebration of the NHS 70th Birthday this week is Cancer Awareness week.BIP FB Sawyer Tell your doctor.jpg

Cancer remains the leading cause of death in Lewisham but now more than ever before we are working to change this.

Organisations and individuals are working together across both geographical and organisational boundaries to improve early diagnosis, long term outcomes and quality of life for those affected by Cancer.

​At Lewisham CCG we are working with the Lewisham and Greenwich Trust to improve the urgent referral process and communication with GPs. We are also collaborating with our neighbouring CCGs through the Cancer Alliance and Locality meetings, and with charities such as Macmillan. Our joint aim is to improve waiting times, access to diagnostics and support for those during and after treatment.

​In addition to this, our partners such as Public Health and Cancer Research UK are improving public awareness so we all recognise the symptoms could suggest we are at risk of cancer.

Please seek advice if you have symptoms highlighted by the Public Health Be Clear on Cancer Campaigns and take part in the screening invitations you are sent.

Your practice team, both GPs and practice nurses are their to support you and answer any questions that you may have.

Visit the NHS Be Clear on Cancer for more information and advice.