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NHS Yellow Men invade Lewisham NHS winter campaign launches across the borough


A family of seven-foot tall ‘Yellow Men’ are popping up around Lewisham
throughout December and January as NHS Lewisham Clinical Commissioning
Group (CCG) launches an innovative campaign to inform people about the
alternatives to visiting A&E this winter.

Winter is always a busy time for the health service and this can lead to long
waiting times in A&E departments. However, there are plenty of other options for
people with conditions that are not life-threatening. 

The ‘Not Always A&E’ campaign will highlight the alternative places people can get
the expert advice and treatment they need including: self-care at home, pharmacies,
their GP and the urgent care centre at Lewisham Hospital. Full details of the best
service for each ailment are available on the website
The giant ‘Yellow Men’ statues supporting the ‘Not Always A&E’ campaign have
already appeared on bill boards across Lewisham, in Lewisham Life magazine and
will soon be appearing on buses. There is more information on the campaign
available on

Dr Marc Rowland, local GP and Chair of NHS Lewisham CCG said, “Many
people go to A&E when they don’t need to. This is putting a huge strain on our
emergency health services. We hope using the yellowmen will help to attract
attention to our campaign which has a very serious message – please use the
right service when you are ill and only go to A&E when it is a serious or life
threatening emergency”.

During the colder winter months it is also important that people look after
themselves at home. Stay warm and comfortable and take care of your general

Please make sure you have your flu jab if you are in one of the at risk groups.  

When stocking up your medicine cabinet at home always try and keep the following
to hand:

• Paracetamol
• Aspirin (not for under 16 years)
• Anti-diarrhoea medicine
• Rehydration mixture
• Indigestion mixture
• Plasters
• Thermometer