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​NHS England lifts legal directions

Lewisham and Greenwich CCGs have had legal directions related to quality of performance lifted by NHS England following significant improvements.

The two CCGs  were served with legal directions by NHS England in September 2017 in respect of long-standing performance problems with local urgent and emergency care services.   

NHS England has praised the two CCGs for the significant improvements that have been made to the urgent and emergency care recovery plan and subsequent improvement plan, while acknowledging the continuing challenges around urgent and emergency care and meeting the national emergency care 4-hour waiting time standard. There have also been substantial changes to the leadership arrangements across south east London (SEL) CCGs, as well as to the south east London arrangements for acute commissioning and contracting through the Integrated Contracting and Delivery Team (hosted by Southwark CCG).  

All six south east London CCGs (Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth Lewisham, and Southwark) have now entered into a common arrangement for acute commissioning and contracting through expansion of the Integrated Contracting and Delivery Team; these arrangements are widely regarded as being successful and will continue beyond lifting of these directions.

Martin Wilkinson, Managing Director of NHS Lewisham CCG, said:

“Working with partners and our providers we have made significant progress over the last 14 months, so I’m really pleased that the legal directions served on Lewisham CCG have been lifted.

Since the directions, Lewisham, as well as Greenwich CCG, have taken a robust approach to work through the delivery of our recovery plan to address the significant challenges we each face.

NHS England have recognised the changes that we have put in place to deliver against their requirements.”