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Movember helps raise awareness of men's health

A hairy upper lip is preferable to a stiff upper lip as part of Movember, the annual awareness campaign highlighting men's health.Getting hairy.jpg

In Lewisham cancer is the single most common cause of death, both in the young and old, with a higher than average incidence of prostate cancer. [i] During the month of November, Men are encouraged to grow a moustache in solidarity and help raise the profile of conditions like prostate and testicular cancer and suicide for Movember. 

Men die an average of six years earlier than women and a combined reluctance to talk about their physical and mental health and aversion to seeing their GP potentially stores up problems later in life.

Dr Marc Rowland said: "We know men are far less likely to see their GP and ignore the warning sign that something may be wrong.

"Early diagnosis of conditions like cancer and heart disease are crucial to survival and 'soldiering on' is not the right attitude. Poor health isn't something you ignore and hope will go away.

"It's about peace of mind and, if there is a problem, identifying it and taking the appropriate action."

One in eight men has experienced mental health problems with three out of four suicides committed by males.

The five tenets of Movember are:

  • Make man time and stay in contact with friends and family
  • Be there for your friends if they need to talk
  • Be aware of your age and asking your GP for specific test for conditions like prostate cancer
  • Know your nuts
  • Stay active.

Movember was the original idea of two Australian men who surprise, surprise, came up with the idea while having a quiet beer and decided to revive the all but forgotten fashion of sporting a lip rug to highlight the problem.

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[i] Lewisham Local Authority Cancer JNSA May 2017