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​Men's Health Week. How do you beat stress?

We all get stressed. Stress is normal. It's what you do to beat it that matters. This is the theme of Men's Health Week 2016 (13-19 June).

How you beat stress matters because if we don't release stress, it can turn into something more serious. Stress can cause mental health problems - 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem. That is odds of 3 to 1. Or about the same as France or Germany winning the Euro 2016 football. In other words, it's likely to happen sooner or later if we let stress build.

GP's in Lewisham are supporting Men's Health Week and sending out a message to local men - talk about how you beat stress, talk about what causes it, talk to your mates, talk to your family. And if you want to talk to a professional, try the Men's Health Forum's new Beat Stress service. The interactive tool allows you to free text chat with experts trained in beating stress.

Dr Marc Rowland, Chair of NHS Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said: "We know that almost three quarters of people who kill themselves are men, and men find it harder than women to talk about their feelings.  

"Talking can really help to ease stress. Too much stress can damage your immune system and heart, increase your chances of serious health problems, reduce life expectancy and decrease your sex life. There are many ​​​​​​things we can do to beat stress, like exercising more or learning something new or different."

"If symptoms of distress are making you unwell, you should speak to your GP, the practice nurse at the surgery or if you have one, the occupational health nurse at your workplace."

Top tips for beating stress

  • We're all different. Learn what pushes your stress and anger buttons.

  • Walk away rather than lose your temper.

  • Be honest with yourself. It will enable you to be honest with others.

  • Talk about what's on your mind. Don't bottle it.​