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We would like to thank all those who took the time to engage with the CCG on the consultation of the future of the NHS Walk-in Centre, New Cross and improving provision and access to primary care.

Members of the Governing Body for NHS Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group reached the following decision:

‘To defer our response to the feedback from the consultation and the decision on the future of the NHS Walk-in Centre and improving provision and access to primary care until 11th January 2018. We will use this additional time to appropriately review the feedback and alternatives proposed, whilst continuing to engage with our local communities and key stakeholders. We will seek to ensure that there is improved access to primary care services and raise the awareness of the public as to the alternative provision available. We will continue to work with our local charities, faith groups and the council in supporting vulnerable communities, such as the homeless. We will extend the contract for the NHS Walk-in Centre over the winter period until the 31st March 2018.’

There are a number of primary care services available to people in Lewisham including; GP practices, out of hours GP service, NHS 111, urgent care centre, pharmacies, GP extended access service and the walk in centre. We will continue to monitor activity levels to ensure these services deliver the best outcomes for our patients.