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Lewisham patients are seeing their pharmacist first


Getting the right help from the right place is especially important during the winter months when there is additional pressure on emergency services and A&E, if you are suffering from a common illness you can get what you need at your local pharmacist. 


Over 2,000 people have used the Pharmacy First scheme in Lewisham since it was relaunched in the Spring.  The Pharmacy First scheme offers quick and local access to advice and treatment from your local pharmacy about common illnesses. You don't need to wait to see your doctor and you don't need an appointment. If you don't pay for your prescriptions the pharmacist will be able to give you medicines to treat a range of common illnesses and conditions.   If you do pay you may only have to pay the prescription charge.
Hay fever, headache, raised temperature and cold and flu as well as head lice, were the top reasons for people seeking advice and treatment in the first three months.

Dr Marc Rowland, local Lewisham GP and Chair of Lewisham Clinical Commission Group said: "The take up has been so positive for the Pharmacy First scheme; it shows that there is a need for people to be able to get advice quickly and conveniently for minor illnesses and conditions, knowing that they can get free treatment if they don't pay for prescriptions.

"Pharmacy First is an important part of our aim to help people to get the right care in the right place and reduce pressure on GPs and urgent care services for people who really need them."

​Most pharmacies in Lewisham offer the scheme. Details of which ones and a list of the conditions and illnesses covered are available on the Pharmacy First page​.