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Lewisham CCG talks to local residents at the Phoenix Festival

Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) would like to thank all the Lewisham residents who visited our stall at the Phoenix Festival this weekend.  The event was hosted by Phoenix Community Housing and has been running for several years.

Two members of our Public Reference Group (PRG), Torrick Hannan and Brenda Murray were on-hand to welcome residents and advise them on useful local services.  The PRG is a group of local people who work closely with us, taking on the role of critical friend and ensuring that our decision making is open, transparent and as much as possible reflects the views of Lewisham people.  We were pleased that Mayor Sir Steve Bullock and Heidi Alexander MP (pictured below) came along to hear about the work of the CCG.  

Sola Afuape, Interim Head of Engagement said: "It was a great day and a wonderful opportunity for the CCG to hear from what we estimate were about 80 local people. We passed on information about a range of our services including Health Help Now and Pharmacy First as well as heard about patient and carer experiences". 

Below are pictures from the day.  We look forward to meeting more local residents at People's Day on 9 July 2016. For details of further engagement activity, contact  ​

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