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​​NHS Lewisham CCG confirms future of local A and E​​

NHS Lewisham CCG has written to Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, following work by the Our Healthier South East London programm​e to confirmed that there will be a local A&E:


"Our work to date suggests that investment in community and primary care services will help us avoid a further increase in A&E activity and hospital admissions, but will not significantly reduce it. I therefore confirm that commissioners expect to need all of south east London's existing A&E departments, including at Lewisham Hospital. For the avoidance of doubt, we expect the Lewisham A&E Department to remain as an emergency care facility operating 24 hours a day.


"We will work with the Trust, other providers and the wider system through the OHSEL governance arrangements and the south east London Urgent and Emergency Care Network to plan for implementation of forthcoming national standards relevant to both your A&E Departments, if these are not currently met, and the London Quality Standards, which are likely to go beyond the national standards."


The CCG remains committed to ensuring local emergency services meet needs and the outcomes specified in the London Quality Standards over time and the planning for implementation will be a major area of focus over the coming months.