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​Lewisham resident tells her story of surviving Malaria

As we progress into summer, many people will be thinking and planning their summer holidays abroad. It is important to be prepared and if you are travelling to a country with malaria risk, you must take precautions to protect yourself, even if you were born there. Damiles, a Lewisham resident recalls her story of how she survived Malaria:

I survived Malaria: Damiles’ storyDamiles1.jpg

Damiles was born in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, she came to England in 1998 and lives in Lewisham with her 4 children.

Damiles caught malaria from a mosquito bite in Zimbabwe, when she was 22 years old. Her younger brother was not well, and she was travelling to a neighbouring town to take him to see a doctor.  He was admitted to the local hospital for three days. When he was better, and they were going home, Damiles felt sick on the bus, so she went to a nearby clinic.  She felt hot and sweaty, and dizzy and began vomiting, and then she went into a seizure.  They sent for an ambulance to take her to the general hospital to be treated for malaria. Her symptoms were so scary that her family were worried she would not survive.  Luckily for Damiles, the medics diagnosed malaria and treated her quickly. Damiles recovered and was discharged with a clear bill of health.


She said: “I was lucky to get treatment in good time, people think they do not need to protect themselves against malaria, but this is not the case. Everyone is at risk of malaria even if you come from the country. We all need to protect yourself against this deadly disease when they are visiting Africa and other malaria risk countries”.

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