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Free support to help smokers in Lewisham  

Public Health England have launched the Smokefree Health Harms campaign to raise awareness about the harms of smoking and encourage people to quit and be smoke free. Now in its sixth year, the Smokefree Health Harms campaign continues to encourage smokers to stop smoking this year, by highlighting the immediate, irrefutable, personal harm every time you smoke a cigarette. For more information you can visit the campaign webpage here.


In Lewisham there is The Lewisham Stop Smoking Service, which has helped 15,000 people quit smoking.  There are a range of services available to help people stop smoking including smoking advisors and clinics across the borough.  The Stop Smoking Service has developed a quit tool that you can use from your phone, tablet or PC. The tool is:

  • simple to use

  • helps to work out the best treatment for you

  • texts you when you may need moral support or a boost to help you on your journey to quit smoking.

The quit tool is available if your practice has signed up to the service. Patients will be given the choice of using free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) which would be prescribed by the practice.  For more information you click here.