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Better health and care for frail and older people

frailty pic.jpgLewisham Health and Care Partners (LHCP) are organising a Frailty summit to hear local residents' and professionals' views on how we can work better together. We want to ensure people have the right help and support to enable them to remain healthy and well as they get older and to receive care when they need it. 

You can register in two ways:

  1. By accepting the Eventbrite here - Please select one option ONLY, morning or afternoon.
  2. Or by calling 020 3049 3208 and leaving a message – Please state which session you would like to attend when leaving a message.

Please note: If we find one of the sessions is not well attended we may cancel and go ahead with the most popular session or postpone. Please register before Friday 22 June

The agenda for the day is:

  1. 09.45-10.00 Arrival and market place
    • Different charities and providers of care that can provide information and discuss the services that they offer
  2. Introduction and objectives of the day
  3. An overview of frailty in Lewisham
  4. Sam's story
    • a short video showing poor care and how that care could be improved
  5. Introduction to group work: Session 1 6 different themes demonstrated by patient scenarios focused on:
    • How to stay well and prevent frailty?
    • How to manage a number of conditions well.
    • What happens to a frail patient in a crisis?
    • Getting back home quickly from hospital.
    • How to improve/get stronger and stay at home?
    • Looking after frail patients in a care home or residential home setting
  1. Table work 1. A facilitated session on:
    • What do you think are the problems for the patient in your scenario?
    • How would you improve the experience and make the care better for you?
    • Table feedback
  1. Short break and swap tables
  2. What could we do better:
    • Lily's story – a short video of care from the three perspectives of the son, the patient and the carer.
  1. Table work 2.
    • Working on a different table review what else you could improve for the scenario
    • Table feedback
  2. 12:15-12:45 Light lunch and market place
  3. 13:00-15:15 Afternoon session commences

​You can download the poster here.