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Feeling under the weather The earlier you see a pharmacist the better!


We are supporting the national NHS England campaign, ‘the earlier, the better’, encouraging people if they are feeling unwell to seek advice early on from their local pharmacist.
It’s a campaign launching nationally this week that urges everyone, and particularly older people, to get treatment earlier rather than waiting for a condition to worsen.
Asking for expert advice from your local pharmacist early can help prevent your condition from getting worse. Local pharmacists have longer opening hours than GP practices, and most have a private consultation area. They’ll also tell you if they think you should see a doctor.
Dr Marc Rowland, Chair of NHS Lewisham CCG, said:
“Our local pharmacists in Lewisham are on hand to provide expert guidance on how to manage a long-term condition or minor illnesses such as coughs or colds.
If you, or someone you’re caring for, become ill it’s important you receive medical advice as soon as possible. Visiting a qualified pharmacist can ensure you receive the right advice, prevent your condition worsening and avoid a trip to your GP or the hospital. It’s very much a case of if you are concerned about your health in any way then the earlier the better.”
If you are visiting or caring for an elderly relative or friend that is unwell you can also visit for advice on preventing a minor illness from developing into something more serious.
For more information and advice visit NHS Choices: