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Care Plus Partnership Learning Review

Care Plus Partnership was a CCG funded organisation providing care and treatment to adults with acquired brain injury that went into voluntary administration in February 2016.

Between June 2014 to February 2016 there were significant and sustained concerns regarding the quality of care being delivered to patients residing in Care Plus Partnership services. This was coupled with high volumes of safeguarding alerts. These concerns resulted in interventions by several agencies including commissioners, regulators, London Fire Brigade and Local Authority safeguarding adults’ service. In August 2015 Care Plus Partnership was subject to the Risk Summit Process jointly co-ordinated by NHS England London Region and Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group (LCCG) which they remained under until their closure in February 2016.

Following the closure of Care Plus Partnership agencies involved recognised the need to learn from this complex situation in order to inform future responses and provision for people with acquired brain injury, recognising their complex needs and vulnerabilities. In response to this need NHS England London Region and LCCG jointly commissioned a Learning Review which has now concluded. The Learning Review has made a number of recommendations in regard to the following:

Commissioning Services for People with Neuro-behavioural needs and Acquired Brain Injury
Monitoring the Quality of Care: Identifying and responding to early signs of poor care
Managing Organisational Failures and Abuse

LCCG and NHS England London Region welcome the findings of the review and will fully support the implementation of the learning which can apply to the wider commissioning system.