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Did you know that in Lewisham we have 54 pharmacies? Local, convenient and many of them open 7 days a week. The pharmacy near you is a great place to go to get professional advice on everyday health issues.

All pharmacies dispense your prescriptions and will give you advice on how to take your medicines.
Are you aware of the Get the best from your medicines campaign in south east London?This campaign is letting people with long-term conditions know how pharmacists can help them to use their medicines in the right way.  If you have a long-term condition, go into your local pharmacy and ask about getting a free Medicines Use Review to help you understand about the treatment you are taking and how to get the best outcomes from what your doctor has prescribed for you.

BUT YOUR PHARMACY CAN DO MUCH MORE FOR YOU and Monday 4 November is the start of Ask Your Pharmacist Week, which is a great opportunity to find out more about how your local pharmacies can support you with everyday health concerns and encourage more people to make the most of the services available to them through their local pharmacist.  Pharmacists will be available all week in Lewisham Shopping Centre, from 4th – 9th November, so pop along to ask them more.

Pharmacists are highly qualified healthcare professionals, specialists in being able to give you advice about how to take care of yourself when suffering from routine health problems. They can give you advice about the right medicines to treat common complaints such as coughs and colds and flu. This winter, there are many Lewisham pharmacists providing free flu vaccinations for people who are eligible, you can find out where by visiting .  
Pharmacists can also offer advice about how to manage many other common ailments such as backache, stomach upsets and cuts and grazes. With Lewisham local Pharmacy First minor ailment service the pharmacist can, for some conditions offer you some medicine without GP prescriptions, so it can be quicker and easier to check with your pharmacist if you have a minor ailment before thinking of making an appointment to see your family doctor. (Those that don’t pay prescription charges will still have access to medicine free of charge). 

For pregnant women, new mothers and infants under 4 year many of our pharmacies are now able to offer free vitamin D supplements to help ensure local children have healthy bones.

As well as visiting a pharmacy when you’re feeling unwell, why not see what they have to offer in supporting you to make healthy lifestyle choices such as losing weight or quitting smoking
You don’t need to make an appointment and you don’t need to be registered. Just drop in to your nearest pharmacy when it’s best for you. All can offer individual consultations that are private and confidential, so you don’t need to feel concerned about telling pharmacists about anything that’s worrying you about your health.

To find out more about what your neighbourhood pharmacist can offer please visit your nearest pharmacy, you can find out exactly where your nearest one is located by going to or text ‘pharmacy’ to 64747 for free details.

And next time you’re thinking about getting some advice about your health and aren’t sure who to go to, think about asking your pharmacist first!