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Digital technology has the power to change the relationship between patients and their GP practices in the same way that it has changed our relationships in other areas of life such as managing finances or shopping. 

Patient Online helps patients to take greater control of their health and wellbeing by increasing access to services.  It's convenient and offers more choice and control in how patients can access GP services.  It helps to keep patients informed and involved in decisions about their own care and treatment.  This is really important as evidence shows that patients who are informed and involved in their own care have better health outcomes and are less likely to be admitted to hospital.

Online services are offered in addition to the traditional telephone and face to face means of interacting with a GP practice.  Patients can choose the route they prefer.  The following online services are available:

  • Appointment booking
  • Repeat prescriptions
  • Access to summary information in their patient record.

How do I access GP services online?

You can register for GP services online in two ways:

  1. Log on to and register online or;
  2. Go to your GP practice and register in person

If you are a carer you can register as a next of kin.

Dr Sebastian Kalwij, GP at Amersham Vale Training Practice said "By offering our patients online services in our practice, we are simply keeping up with contemporary lifestyles, as more and more people use computers and smart phones to organise their lives. Online patient services really help productivity for both the patient and the practice.  Patients feel more in control of their treatment and it is much more convenient for those with busy lives.   In the practice, the time we save means we have more time to spend with patients which is what they want and need".

Nadia Bannister, a patient at  the The Vale Medical Centre​​ said, "Since I have started using the Patient Access service I have found it extremely beneficial as it was not always easy to call for appointments at a suitable time and email for prescriptions as I needed them. Being able to get repeat prescriptions, appointments and check on previous information has made life so much easier. Thanks to whoever invented it!" 

Frank Cook, who is also a patient at the The Vale Medical Centre​​, has been using patient access for about a year now.  He finds that it saves an enormous amount of time and energy, previously spent either dropping in to the surgery or hanging around making telephone calls to a busy receptionist there.  He uses it for repeat prescriptions and to make appointments to see the doctor.  He said: "online patient services offer a really useful streamed system. All I need to do to order a prescription is log on, tick the item and send the request.  3 days later, the prescription has been dispensed at my local pharmacy and I can drop in to the pharmacy to pick it up."   

To find out what services are available from your practice please visit:

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