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Lewisham CCG quality summit March 29 2014 visual notes

Talking quality in health and social care in Lewisham


Almost 100 local residents participated in Lewisham’s first people’s summit on quality in health and social care. They joined local councillors and healthcare representatives at the Civic Suite in Catford on Saturday 29 March 2014.

Residents took part in lively and creative discussions about what quality in health and social care means to them and gave their ideas of what it could look like in the future. Their input from the day was recorded using visual minutes as well as a film and written notes. 

Julie Bailey, a national champion of active patient involvement, who was awarded the CBE the day before, spoke at the event.  She urged residents to take the opportunity to be involved and have their voices heard in health and social care.  

Ms Bailey said:

 “This is the very first Patient Quality Summit I have attended.  I attend many summits with professionals and it is a fantastic opportunity to have a summit for patients and carers.”

John Muldoon, Lewisham Borough Councillor and Chair of the Healthier Communities Select Committee, said:

 “I am delighted to see this level of engagement has been so successful, yet another example of this innovative approach Lewisham CCG is developing to include service users in its planning process.”

The event was organised by Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group, London Borough of Lewisham, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust and Healthwatch Lewisham.  It was designed to listen to the views that patients, carers and members of the public have about providing health and social care in Lewisham.