​Public Engagement and Equality Forum (PEEF)


The Public Engagement and Equalities Forum (PEEF) is chaired by a Lay Member and is attended by the chair of the CCG Public Reference Group, Healthwatch Lewisham and Clinical Directors from the CCG Governing Body. 

The role of the forum is to:
1) ensure Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has the mind-set, the structures and processes in place to achieve a high level and quality of patient and public engagement and that its approach to engagement promotes equality and diversity and the reduction of health inequalities

2) provide feedback and assurance to the CCG Governing Body that patient and public engagement is being carried out in the best way and meets the legal duties placed on the CCG

3) collect information and suggestions from the Public Reference Group and ensure these are communicated to the Governing Body

4) review the engagement and consultation activities of our providers and partners where their plans affect our local residents.