Public Engagement Charter​

We have many ways in which we carry out local involvement. These are outlined in our Public Engagement Charter:

We will:

  1. listen to people and ensure in every way possible that public views are heard and acted upon 

  2. involve the public early in developing our strategic plans and how we plan to deliver improvements in local services

  3. involve the public early in our decision making about how we commission new services, and redesign them. 

  4. demonstrate what impact the public has had on the decisions we make

  5. always feed back to people who have worked with us 

  6. use the information provided to ensure that we improve the quality of our services, support equality and identify inequalities in access to healthcare 

  7. be honest about when we are engaging, when we are consulting and when we are providing information 

  8. support the involvement of patients in decisions about their care

  9. make sure that everyone who works with us will recognise and promote the value of involving the public.


The Charter, which is integral to our engagement activity, is our commitment to the public of what they can expect from involvement with us. 

The systems and structures are in place  to ensure that we are actively delivering against the Charter, including on-going

monitoring of engagement through internal committees up to our Governing Body​. 

Page updated 09.01.17