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Public Reference Group Co-chair's training experience

PRG - James Campbell.jpgOur Public Reference Group (PRG) helps us engage with the local community, but there are also opportunities for its membership to gain knowledge and engage with the greater NHS. Which is what James Campbell recently did, when attending NHS England's 'Patient and Public Voice' (PPV) partners training.

James was kind enough to share his training experience with us.

"I found the training really useful and an excellent opportunity to meet other PPV partners and share learning. The training covered four main modules: 

  • Understanding Health and Social Care
  • Patient and Public Voice Partner roles and responsibilities 
  • Partnership and Influence
  • Putting it all into Practice

Some of the key learning from the training was understanding emerging structures within the NHS and how PPV fits into:

  • NHS values
  • NHS Commissioning Cycle
  • how PPV can and should influence commissioning decisions

We also covered how to use our own strengths to influence change.

The training was well-designed and the facilitators were very good. The content had a good balance, especially since it was a mixed group of participants."

James was part of the first PRG membership. He is also one of the four original members who will continue on for the next two years, providing support for the new class. Part of this role is serving as interim co-chair along with Michelle Nembhard.

The knowledge James gained from the training will help him in his new role, supporting the PRG.

To find out more about the PRG or submit your name for membership, click here.