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Pre-review of evidence for our EDS2 equality grading

To ensure that the services we buy are appropriate for, and inclusive of, our diverse local population we use the NHS Equality Delivery System – known as the EDS2, a tool to measure equality performance of NHS organisations.

A subgroup of our Public Reference Group (PRG) met the Acting Equality & Human Rights Lead to review evidence provided by commissioners and service providers to be assessed at the EDS2 2018 grading workshop. The group received examples of outcomes expected in goal 1 (better health outcomes) and 2 (improved patient access and experience) and examples of the evidence that should be supporting the different outcomes, considering the key question: How well do people from protected groups fare compared with people overall?

The group discussed the evidence available and suggested additional information that could be covered at the grading workshop. Their suggestions and questions will be communicated to the providers prior to the final session when the services will be analysed and graded.

The subgroup was invited to attend the EDS2 Stakeholder Engagement Event in October 2018.