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Pan Lewisham PPG brings local organisations and communities together

Dr Danae Politi, Pan Lewisham PPG GP lead at One Health Lewisham.jpgOn 15 February, One Health Lewisham (OHL) our local GP Federation, held a pan-Lewisham Patient Participation Group (PPG) meeting. We attended to represent, show support to OHL and get an insight into thoughts around local services. The meeting was Chaired by Anne Hooper, our Lay Member with lead responsibility for patient and public involvement.

The event focused on nurse care at the GP extended access (GPEA) service and the new ASK NHS GP app. We have recently commissioned both of these services so it was an important engagement meeting for the CCG to understand how patients are responding to them. 

The event was timely and welcomed by all the patients that came along. One of the themes that seemed to continuously come up throughout the event, was an appetite for more information about the services.

There were presentations by Maria Dadzie, Lead Nurse at One Health Lewisham who spoke about the different conditions that could be treated at the GPEA service including ear syringing, leg ulcers and removal of sutures. Dr Danae Politi provided an update on the ASK NHS GP app, which is a free app for patients registered at a Lewisham practice. It offers patients an online and easy to use symptom checker that directs them to the right service within the appropriate timeline including appointments at their own GP practice.  The app is currently active in 32 of the 37 practices across Lewisham. Tets Nartey, a local resident and patient talked about how he uses the app and why older people like him should embrace technological innovations in health to help them take more control of their own health and well-being. 

Engagement with the public is important to us and it helps shape our current offering and future health services in the borough. This is one of the reasons we have a Public Reference Group (PRG). Being at the event and sharing in the feedback, allowed ourselves and OHL to start to formulate ways to remedy what we had heard.

Engagement with our stakeholders is also important to us. There were a number of local organisations at the event including Community Connections, Doctors of the World and GO ON Lewisham. Who were able to meet and inform local patients. There were some valuable conversations and connections made. We spoke with a community organisation that we’re hoping to get involved with on some upcoming projects around diabetes. 

You can view pictures from the event on OHL's YouTube channel.

Dr Danae Politi, Pan Lewisham PPG GP lead at One Health Lewisham said:

"We were delighted to see such a great turn out of Lewisham patients at our PPG. We hold events like it regularly because it is vital for us to meet our residents and talk to them about our services and developments. The event included important information about how to get the best from our services as well as some fun activities to help make what can sometimes be complex information more accessible. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and learned about ways they can help us to deliver services that are right for our patients. All the patients that attended the event were given a folder containing resources to share with their practice based PPGs. We are putting together the notes and will be working with practices to realise some of the key learnings from the event."