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PRG starts a new era

The original Public Reference Group.jpg

The original Public Reference Group, left to right: 

Paul Brownlow, Linda Killick, Teresa Rodriguez, Alex Camies, Sangita Kansal, Kelvin Wheelan, Beverley Weston, Michelle Nembhard, Juliet McCollin, Nigel Bowness, Paul Clayton and Russell Cartwright

On Thursday 13 December 2018, we welcomed 12 new members to our Public Reference Group (PRG) and said a fond farewell to nine of the original members.

The PRG was set up in 2016 as a way of connecting with all aspects of the local community and creating a mediating voice between ourselves and the general public.

Lewisham is a diverse borough and this is reflected in the make-up of the group. There are no barriers to membership and we’ve tried to ensure that all health issues and abilities are championed as well. Members meet every six weeks to share their opinions and views on all matters that impact them and the community. These contributions are a valuable way to help shape health services in Lewisham.

The group has had a real impact, taking part in the CCG’s Equality Delivery System (EDS2) grading workshop every year since they began. They also provided support during two consultations (New Cross Walk-In Centre and Changes to Prescriptions in Lewisham) and constantly worked with us to promote our campaigns like ‘Use the Right Service’ and ‘GP extended access’.

Their final meeting, which was led by Chair, Ms Beverley Weston, celebrated these achievements and helped establish a smooth transition for the new membership. Knowledge, best practice and experience was shared. As well as setting out a framework for the new group to build on. Four of the group, James Campbell, Michelle Nembhard, Alex Camies and Juliet McCollin, joined the original group in 2018. They will continue as members for the next two years and will provide some continuity and help the new group establish themselves.

Teresa Rodriguez, Engagement Officer said: 

“It has been a pleasure to work with the Public Reference Group. They are great members of Lewisham’s community who have worked hard to support and help all resident’s health care.

They should be proud of their achievements and the foundations they have created for the next cohort. I’m really thankful for the support they have given me, they have really helped us reach the community, widening our network and making valuable contributions to many projects.”

To find out more about the PRG or submit your name for membership, click here.

The new Public Reference Group.jpg

The new Public Reference Group, left to right: 

Arabella Baynes, Richie Morton, Mabel Nwoko, Alex Camies, Juliet McCollin, Teresa Rodriguez, Husseina Hamza, Neville Fernandes, Jude Ibe, Tony Pilkington, Rosie Jackson, Adrian Ingram, Graham Carter, Hayley Redmond, Russell Cartwright and Keith Walton