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​Lewisham CCG Equality Delivery System (EDS) 2 grading workshop

To ensure that the services we buy are appropriate for, and inclusive of, our diverse local population we use the NHS Equality Delivery System – known as the EDS2, a tool to measure equality performance of NHS organisations.IMG_20181002_100424_137.jpg

We held our 2018 grading workshop on 2 October at Lewisham Civic Suite. The EDS2 is an assessment framework for health services that aims to bring together the evidence and perspectives of all local stakeholders, to find areas of potential improvement across four goals: better health outcomes, improved patient access, a representative and supported workforce and inclusive leadership. Members of our Public Reference Group (PRG), service users and other local residents were part of the grading panel at the workshop.

The panel received an overview of our self-assessment, together with the supporting evidence. This year the EDS2 exercise focused on three services that were previously selected and reviewed by a subgroup of our PRG:

The introduction was followed by a discussion with the grading panel, who informed the grading for the first two goals: better health outcomes and improved patient access. Through the discussion the group shared ideas with the CCG for how to improve the service in these areas, checked if the picture (with the evidence) portrayed matched real-life experiences and agreed on grades that everyone in the group was comfortable with. We will use this feedback to help us to address any gaps/concerns, prepare an action plan to bridge the gaps and prepare equality objectives for 2018/19.

Kelvin Wheelan, one of our PRG members commented: 'The workshop was very interesting and thorough. It was encouraging to hear what the CCG and Lewisham Council are doing to improve CAMHS to support young people and their families in Lewisham'. 

Valerie Richards, Acting Equality & Human Rights Lead said: 'I was very happy to work with the PRG members on reviewing the equality performance of three Lewisham CCG commissioned services.  PRG members took the opportunity to engage with the commissioners and providers as 'critical friends', they asked challenging questions and made suggestions for improvements. This was the third time that we have worked together and I am always heartened by their commitment to the process.  They helped to choose the services to be reviewed and they scrutinised the evidence carefully before the event. The contribution of the PRG to the process is really valued by me and the CCG and I look forward to work with them again in future'.