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‚ÄčLearning from the first three years of our Public Reference Group

We have produced an Evaluation Report to analyse how effective the first group of our Public Reference Group (PRG) have been and learn from their experience so we can make improvements for the new group.

We launched our PRG in 2016. For three years they played an important role acting as a 'mediating voice' between the CCG and our local residents. They had 30 main meetings and 12 sub-group meetings. During that time they have contributed to a wide range of CCG activities including the annual Equality and Delivery System (EDS2) gradings, provided support during two consultations (New Cross Walk-In Centre and Changes to Prescriptions in Lewisham) and constantly worked with us to promote our campaigns like 'Use the Right Service' and 'GP extended access'. It has been a learning process for both the CCG and PRG members.

To carry out the evaluation Teresa Rodriguez, Engagement Officer recorded discussions with each of the members, analysed their work and analysed feedback from staff who worked with the PRG.

Key learning points to improve the effectiveness of the new group:

  • Speakers need to be clearer about their expectations from attending a meeting and the engagement team need to be clearer about what is expected of speakers
  • Linking speakers with PRG members before meetings to help with preparation
  • Ensuring commissioning proposals go to the group early enough for them to make a difference
  • Information to go to members earlier and in an appropriate format
  • We need to feed back to members more often on their impact

CCG Managing Director Martin Wilkinson said: "The Public Reference Group (PRG) has played a really vital role in supporting and challenging the CCG and teams in our commissioning of services and engagement and communication activities with local people. I would like to thank them all."

The outgoing members will be replaced by 12 new members who will serve for the next three years. They will join four existing members who joined the original group in 2018 and will continue as members for the next two years, providing some continuity and helping the new group establish themselves.

Read the PRG Evaluation Report 2016-18.