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IMG_0172.JPGLewisham CCG Equality Delivery System EDS2 2019 grading workshop

Members of our Public Reference Group (PRG), service users and other local residents meet as the grading panel at the workshop.

To ensure that the services we buy are appropriate for, and inclusive of, our diverse local population we use the NHS Equality Delivery System – known as the EDS2, a tool to measure equality performance of NHS organisations.

We held our 2019 grading workshop on 1 October at Lewisham Civic Suite. The EDS2 is an assessment framework for health services that aims to bring together the evidence and perspectives of all local stakeholders, to find areas of potential improvement across four goals: better health outcomes, improved patient access, a representative and supported workforce and inclusive leadership. Members of our Public Reference Group (PRG), service users and other local residents were part of the grading panel at the workshop.

The panel received an overview of our self-assessment, together with the supporting evidence. This year the EDS2 exercise focused on three services that were previously selected and reviewed by a subgroup of our PRG:

    • Community Specialist Palliative Care
    • Extension of Psychiatric Liaison Service
    • High Intensity Users Services and Interventions. 

The introduction was followed by a discussion with the grading panel, who informed the grading for the first two goals: better health outcomes and improved patient access.

Through the discussion the group shared ideas with the CCG for how to improve the service in these areas, checked if the picture (with the evidence) portrayed matched real-life experiences and agreed on grades that everyone in the group was comfortable with.

The results of the session will be considered by the CCG's Equality and Diversity Steering Group in November and the Strategy and Development Committee as part of an Equality Update in December. The final results will be published in the CCG's Annual Equality report by 31 January 2020.

Juliet McCollin, one of our PRG members commented: "I found the EDS2 grading event programme engaging and it was useful to be able to ask initial questions.

"I believe it a very positive way of CCG-PRG involvement, and a way forward in acquiring some public perception and questioning."

Valerie Richards, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager said: "The contributions of the PRG members to the process are really valued by me and the CCG. I hope they found the process informative and appreciated the opportunity of engaging with the commissioners and providers of the three services reviewed."