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A summer of engagement ​

Lewisham CCG engaging with the community at Evelyn Multicultural Festival

Despite the torrential rain, the enthusiasm of local people at the Evelyn Multicultural Festival in Deptford wasn't dampened as they turned up for a day of free music, dance, food and snacks on Saturday 20 July. 

But the day also provided Lewisham people with the chance to find out more about healthcare in the area – and how the community can get involved.  Leaflets were available that gave advice on healthy eating, drinking and smoking cessation.The team also promoted the NHS Long-Term plan survey.

Also we brought information on how to stay well this summer, including Kooth information on how young people can access mental health support during the summer months. Information was also made available on how people can stay safe in the water.

The communications and engagement team were also helped out by Public Reference Group (PRG) members who took questions from those at the festival.

People at the festival were also told how they could access the ASK NHS GP app – the new app commissioned by NHS Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to help patients get the right healthcare they need at the right time.

The team also promoted the importance of vaccination, including visual displays.

The residents who attended gave some great feedback on the NHS Long-Term Plan, with some of the Thanks to Evelyn residents for sharing their suggestions on the NHS Long -Term Plan:

Some of your thoughts on services working together were:

"They should be combined for maximum efficiency, coverage and guidelines."

"Yes, more coordination."

"They should be linked. Services can go hand in hand to give maximum benefit."

"Very important."

"If people are accessing services in the right place it frees up space for other who really need it."


Engaging at Downham 2019

NHS Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Communications and Engagement team joined local residents to celebrate this year's annual summer festival, 'Downham' Celebrates on Saturday 8 June, from 11am to 4pm at Downham Health and Leisure Centre.

The theme of the event was 'Downham through the ages', which incorporated a fascinating look back at the many changes this leafy area of Lewisham has undergone over the years.

After the First World War there was an urgent need to reduce overcrowding in metropolitan areas, so the Downham Estate was developed towards the end of the 1920s.

We displayed a selection of historical photographs, inviting festival-goers to play our fun 'Guess the location' quiz.

The quiz also had an important message. We used the opportunity to highlight how the area has changed over the years and what we can all do to stay healthy and improve the environment that we live in.

In preparation for 'Love your Lungs Week' and 'Breathe Easy Week', 17-23 June, we showed where and how to access and how to use the Lewisham Air app to see live air quality news and find low–pollution routes, and will have information on respiratory conditions.

We also displayed information on Diabetes 1 and 2 to celebrate 'Diabetes Week 2019'.

There was an interactive 1-1 session with 'The Mole Doctor' which helped people stay safe in the sun. And we also had a range of health promotion leaflets and information about other NHS services.

Winner 'Downham Through the Ages'.jpg

Sun Awareness Week at the Phoenix Festival

On the 11 May we joined the Phoenix Festival 2019 edition held at Foster Memorial Park, SE6 2BL from 12 till 5 pm. This free event was organised by the Phoenix Community Housing, a not-for-profit resident-led Housing Association in the Bellingham, Whitefoot and Downham areas of Lewisham. The festival was open to all Phoenix residents and the wider community to attend so it was a great opportunity for us to meet you all.

Our engagement team, supported by Public Reference Group members, joined the fun on the day and talked to local residents about health services in Lewisham. We have some activities to support the Sun Awareness Week. For the occasion, we created a Mole Doctor game that proved to be a great way to engage with young and older visitors in our stall. The game explains the ABCDE rules to look for changes in moles that may become malignant:

A for asymmetry, B for border, C for colour, D for diameter, and E for Elevation or Enlargement.

Our visitors tested their knowledge straight away answering our 'moles quiz'. The game offers links to additional information from the Primary Care Dermatology Society and to explore a virtual laboratory to perform biopsies on skin tissue.

We also had a drawing competition on 'How to stay safe in the sun' for the children, leaflets to Stay Safe in the Sun by Cancer Research UK, and hats, sunglasses and sun cream to bring the sun safety prevention to life!

We provided CCG Health Packs with information for everyone (GP Extended Access, Use the Right Service, NHS Ask app, Social Prescribing, Healthy Start and Vitamin D) and supported Stroke Awareness Month with information.

It was the first festival attendance for members of our new PRG cohort, well done everyone, we all had a great day.

If you would like to receive information on the work of the CCG, health events in Lewisham and be able to hear from us, please register here