Hear from our ​members

We set up our Public Reference Group to ensure public and patient involvement is at the heart of the commissioning decisions we make. 

Beverly Weston, grew up in Lewisham, and she explains why she joined the group. 

"The PRG is a great opportunity for representation, to get involved and see how I can make a difference. The CCG might find it difficult to provide what we need in the community if they don't know who we are. The corporate view can be very different to the reality. I want to help change that." 

Linda Killick

"I applied to be a member of the PRG because I have been a carer; my career involved working with children and I am very interested in all aspects of their welfare. Through the PRG I have met a varied group of people with many different experiences and expertise. I enjoy being with them and listening to their ideas and concerns.

"Several members of the CCG have spoken to us and I have had the opportunity to attend a range of interesting and stimulating health-related events. Representing the CCG at Lewisham People's Day and the Phoenix Festival was hard work and fun.

"The atmosphere in meetings is lively, involving and respectful of other people's needs and opinions. I think we will be able to have some effect and influence on decision making within the CCG."