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​2019 Public Reference Group Members

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Alex Camies
During her working life Alex was Regional Property Manager for Woolwich Bank dealing with all aspects of their residential and commercial buildings.
Because she was a long term carer for some years, and also has long term medical conditions herself, she naturally has personal interest in health and wellbeing. Her GP asked her to join the practice Patient Participation Group (PPG) in 2006. She was voted in as Chair and since then has worked closely with the PPG and the surgery, which has nearly 16,500 patients. As Chair of the PPG, and also for her personally, she takes an active part in a variety of round table discussions, focus groups and workshops with Lewisham Council, Healthwatch, the CCG and various community groups. There Alex puts forward her thoughts and suggestions whilst to resolve some of the issues and problems faced with regard to health and wellbeing.  Alex has learned about the many challenges people face in everyday life, and how they try to deal with them, and thoroughly enjoy getting involved. Her experience and expertise will be of value to the CCG, and in turn to Lewisham residents.
James Campbell
James is a member of the Woodlands Health Centre Patient Participation Group and volunteers for a charity which supports young people in care by taking them out to places or undertaking activities they might not otherwise get the chance to go to or do.
James works as an Associate Director for the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership, a small charity which works closely with the NHS to measure and improve healthcare services.
James thinks that all service users should be empowered to help improve the services they are recipients of and that the first step is to provide them with up-to-date, quick and easy to read information to help them understand how the service is doing and where improvements can be made. James knows that some people can feel like they are on a conveyor belt of processes surrounding their own health and care needs, and feels all service users should have the opportunity to experience support and care which is tailored to their needs and with more emphasis on support which can prevent the need for care.
Graham Carter
Graham was born in Birmingham but has been a Lewisham resident for 40 years. Before retirement he was a senior civil servant with the Department for Work and Pensions and spent his last five years with them as a director delivering national projects for The Pension Service with particular responsibility for the customer experience. He has subsequently continued with this sphere of interest in a consultancy role for various local groups and councils.
Alongside his civil service career he has had a commercial interest in art, books and antiques as well as being a long term supporter of young singers through British Youth Opera.
His project experience has been used on a voluntary basis by Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust on some of their programmes as well as in his role on the PPG for the Triangle Surgery. He also assists the LGT Arts Manager on a voluntary basis. His involvement with Lewisham Hospital has deepened by way of four orthopaedic operations on his knees.
Graham is interested in the effective delivery of health policy with a particular emphasis on the long term unintended consequences which can emerge.
On a personal level Graham is interested in travel, good food, music and the visual arts.
Neville Fernandes
Born in Nairobi, Neville grew up in his native Goa before moving to London. Neville has learnt and experienced first-hand medical, cultural and lifestyle issues in the tropical regions of the world and in the west.

Neville has two postgraduates in Business Administration and Information Leadership. As part of the second Masters, Neville completed a dissertation on improving Cancer Patient outcomes for "The Christies NHS Foundation Trust", in Manchester. The dissertation enabled him to put his experience and academic learning into practice with recommendations.

With early experience working in the media (TV and advertising), Neville has mostly worked in Local Government IT Sector (including at L. B. Lewisham) since 1998,  mainly around the Social Services including Housing.

Neville currently serves as a volunteer for the Third Thursday Time that provides Mental Support to the Community He is also active as a Special Minister at Holy Cross Church and Catford. Neville believes that spirituality plays a vital role in one’s Physical and Mental wellbeing.
Adrian Ingram
Adrian has a keen interest for Care and Support in the home and an awareness that Social Prescribing could become very important in CCG future strategy. Adrian also brings his personal experience to the group, with a portfolio of skills obtained through past activities such as Chair for Hexagon Resident Forum, as well as Resident Involvement and Community Investment. Adrian cares for Lewisham residents and does voluntary work on the front line with vulnerable residents, both with mental health problems and the need for help and support around Digital Inclusion. Adrian has training in Person Centred Counselling and many years of experience supporting and helping people from diverse ethnic backgrounds; sexual orientation; gender; different religious and non-religious beliefs or philosophies.
Adrian is aware of the importance of being able to act as a ‘critical friend’, by being able to challenge constructively and influence positive outcomes, within the constraints of a group setting. Adrian joins the group enthusiastic to contribute and share his opinions and knowledge within the PRG.
Keith Walton
Nationally recognised for his community advocacy, Keith articulates the residents voice on issues of housing, health and social care in several forums in the Borough. He is keen to bring the voices of his extensive and growing network to the PRG,  offering ‘reach’ into communities including but not limited to the north of the Borough. An expert through experience, at a time of great change, he believes it is increasingly important for residents to engage creatively with those who commission and provide services, offering constructive challenge to improve quality and accessibility for all.
Juliet McCollin
Juliet is a long time Lewisham resident.  Her work and interests have always been to do with children and young adults. Juliet has a BA in Childhood and Youth Studies, and she is working part-time with some young people in a self-employed role.
A few years ago Juliet got involved with Parkinson's UK Lewisham Branch. She is a Committee member and volunteer at the branch, where she organises the events programme for the year.
Juliet strongly believes in self-help, be it: one-to-one or small groups/hubs, and see this as a great source for information sharing and motivation. Juliet thinks this encourages well-being and involvement for individuals
Michelle Nembhard
Michelle is a mother of three and a mature student on her third year studying a BA in Practice Management in Health and Social Care. Her studies have enabled her to research and analyse many aspects of the NHS. Her experience working with children and young people has inspired her to want to improve services that help children and their families. Educating the wider population to look after themselves is also another of her passions as she feels that people are sometimes ill-informed when it comes to being healthy. She is also a volunteer with the Women and Girls Network, a charity who help and counsel women and girls exposed to gender-related violence.
As a PRG member she brings a positive enthusiastic nature combined with a passion for supporting Lewisham's CCG to improve health and care provisions for its local population.
A picture of Rosie Jackson
Rosie has recently retired, she was a Senior Nurse and Manager with Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust and had been a Registered Nurse for over 40 years. As a Community Public Health Specialist Nurse, she worked in the community in Lewisham for over 30 years as a Heath Visitor, Sexual & Reproductive Health Nurse and Nurse Manager.
With her experience in the NHS, she understands the absolute need to ensure resources are used to maximise health outcomes for all, especially those who are vulnerable and have additional needs. Rosie is aware of the vital role of patient and public engagement and how often the most valuable feedback and innovative ideas come from those who use the services and/or have family members who depend on services.
Rosie is keen to use her knowledge, skills and experience as both service user and health professional to support improvement in Lewisham’s health services, and by joining the PRG she is committed to supporting local health care through the continuing and constant change and challenge that faces the NHS.
Tony Pilkington
Tony was born in Lewisham and has lived in the area largely since childhood. He is deaf, bi-lingual and bi-cultural (BSL/English & Deaf/hearing). He has been involved in the Lewisham Deaf Community Association since its inception in 2004, setting up the community forums and community advocacy work.  Tony joins the PRG to ensure the voice of the Lewisham Deaf Community is heard in the NHS, supporting the reduction of barriers that Deaf BSL signers currently face in accessing health information and services. His personal and professional experience brings to the PRG invaluable insight on understanding policy processes, consulting with service users and shaping commissioning of services and contract specifications, especially in the context of the Deaf community.
Husseina Hamza
Husseina is very passionate about the current issues within clinical care services delivery. As a community advocate she is concerned in the way clinical care is being allocated within communities particularly those that are representative of the disadvantaged. 
By joining the PRG she hopes to be instrumental in an advocating for fairness and compassion when it comes to allocation of clinical services. Husseina has been involved with various community groups, in a leadership role for many years now. One of her responsibilities has been to act as their representative in cases with governing bodies, the council, etc.
Mabel Nwoko
Mabel has lived in Lewisham since 1987. Through her work in the borough she has met a lot of patients who are service users of Lewisham Hospital. Mabel has been an adviser of a Disability organisation and met clients with various medical conditions.
Mabel want to contribute to the good service provided by her local hospital. She is a committed, hard-working positive person, a good listener who brings her knowledge on the needs of disabled service users.
Jude Ibe