​GP Patient Participation Group

Many of the GP Practices in Lewisham have established Patient Participation Groups which provide an opportunity for patients to get involved with their local NHS health services. 

Patient Participation Groups not only enable patients to be kept up to date about their own practice but also provide a way in which patients can provide feedback, ideas and views on the services provided at their local practice, and hear about our work at Lewisham CCG.

Each practice varies in the way the group is organised - the frequency of meetings, number of members, activities and projects. Please contact your local GP practice for more information.

Hear from South Lewisham Group Practice Patient Participation Group Chair

"I am Alex Camies and I am the Patient Participation Group Chair of South Lewisham Group Practice. 

Here at South Lewisham, the Patient Participation Group is constantly learning how we can best help patients and the practice. We liaise with the practice and try to bring about changes we think can improve patient experience. 

At South Lewisham the majority of our members are 'virtual' members receiving information and communication via email. They are able to take part in discussions, surveys and have an input in decision making either virtually, or by coming in person to our quarterly meetings held at the surgery.  

Our group benefits both patients and the practice – as patients our input enables practices to understand what they can do to improve, add or change to help patients. 

We have also built a network of local providers for health and wellbeing, and they are invited to come along to our surgery to provide free information, advice and support our patients and clinic visitors. 

Our virtual members can choose to receive information on relevant local events too. As a group, we feel it is important for patients to be able to have some control of their own health and wellbeing, and knowing where they can get help or information is important for that." 

Interested in joining your local Patient Participation Group? 

We need more patients to join their Practice Patient Participation Group - working together with your practice you can help directly influence local health care in Lewisham. Members are patients just like you - if you are interested in joining a Patient Participation Group, please contact your local GP practice