​​​​​​​​​​​​Performance of our providers​

Over the coming months, we are planning to publish information on the quality, safety and performance of the healthcare providers we commission​​.  

If you would like further information about these data sources, how the CCG utilises them, to find out about continuous quality improvement work the CCG is undertaking, or if you wish to provide some feedback on this document please contact Mike Hellier, Head of System Intelligence at mike.hellier@nhs.net

​Provider contract sanctions ​​

NHS Lewisham CCG (CCG) has contracts with NHS providers (e.g. hospitals) to provide care for our patients.  We require our providers to meet national and local quality standards.  Our contracts enable us to levy fines against hospitals that do not meet standards.  In line with NHS England guidance on openness and transparency we publish, on a quarterly basis, the details of NHS provider contract sanctions levied in line with the NHS national contract terms for breaches of contract terms, such as national constitutional standards, as set out in our contracts with providers.  

Please see documents below which show the value of financial sanctions that we have levied against the three hospital trusts that provide the majority of acute care for our patients for 2015-16. It shows the operational standards which hospitals have signed up to, and (where applicable) the value of fines applied. NHS Lewisham CCG's approach is to assist providers as much as possible where there are performance issues, whilst making sure that the quality of services can be maintained. Where there are breaches of national standards, the fines may be reinvested with the provider to support the improvement of services in line with an agreed improvement plan. 

Lewisham contract sanctions Q1 201516.pdf

Financial Sanctions imposed 2015-16 Q2.pdf

Financial Sanctions imposed 2015-16 Q3.pdf

Financial Sanctions imposed 2015-16 Q4.pdf

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