​​​​Lewisham CCG governance​


What is governance?


Good governance is making sure that we achieve our aims for local people and those that use the NHS services in Lewisham that we commission. It is also making sure we do this in an effective, efficient and ethical way.

Our key aims as an NHS CCG are to:


• improve health and reduce inequalities in Lewisham
• commission (buy and monitor) the best quality health services
• ensure good governance and proper management of public resources.

We have arrangements in place called ‘integrated governance’ that bring together the systems, processes and behaviours by which we lead, direct and control what we do in order to achieve these aims.

How does Lewisham CCG’s governance work?

NHS Lewisham CCG is a public body and a membership organisation made up of all the GP practices in Lewisham and led by a governing body of elected local GPs and other experts.
The Lewisham CCG constitution sets out how we work together and with local people in an open and transparent decision making process.
With such large sums of public money it is essential that we follow sound financial guidance and actively manage conflicts of interest.  All our members and employees are required to report any conflicts of interests at official meetings and we maintain a register of interests as a public document.
NHS Lewisham CCG is subject to the Freedom of Information Act. If you are unable to find the information you require about us from this website or from our publication scheme, then you are invited to send a query following the procedure on our Freedom of Information page.
We have a set of governance policies and procedures that can be downloaded on this page.

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