Vaccinations, also called immunisations, have saved countless lives, and are one of the most effective measures to help you stay well. Vaccinations are usually given in your GP surgery or within schools and if a vaccine has been missed it can be given by a GP practice or in community clinics.

Measles: Are your children protected?

​While there isn't currently an outbreak of measles in Lewisham, it ​is wise to ensure your children are protected by the MMR jab.

If you are concerned your child may have missed vaccinations, please contact your GP surgery. For more information about community immunisation clinics, please call 0208 8812 6090. 

For more information visit the NHS Choices website and view the vaccination guide.

You'll find facts about routine NHS vaccinations, vaccines for people in special risk groups, and for those travelling abroad. So whether you're the parent of a young child, a teenager leaving home for university, or a carer looking after an elderly relative, you'll find accurate advice on the vaccinations that you need to stay healthy.