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Disclosure Log Report

FOI.16.LEW0012016-04. AprilCommissioning of ServicesReferral limits for high body mass index (BMI) patients in need of hip and knee replacementsCompliant1FOI.16.LEW001
FOI.16.LEW0022016-04. AprilCommissioning of ServicesDo you commission palliative care for children and young people aged 0-25?Compliant2FOI.16.LEW002
FOI.16.LEW0032016-04. AprilSpending / FinancialContract information relating to Banking Services, Audit Services and Card Processing ServicesCompliant3FOI.16.LEW003
FOI.16.LEW0042016-04. AprilMental Health ServicesPast and planned CAMHS expenditureCompliant4FOI.16.LEW004
FOI.16.LEW0052016-04. AprilPrescribing / Medicines ManagementNext review dates of the SE prescribing formularyCompliant5FOI.16.LEW005
FOI.16.LEW0062016-04. AprilStaffing - Contact DetailsContact details for Safeguarding staffCompliant6FOI.16.LEW006
FOI.16.LEW0072016-04. AprilContinuing Healthcare (CHC)Expenditure for residential and nursing care placements for people with mental health problemsCompliant7FOI.16.LEW007
FOI.16.LEW0082016-04. AprilStaffing - Contact DetailsNames and contact details of senior management staff membersCompliant8FOI.16.LEW008
FOI.16.LEW0092016-04. AprilOtherData on numbers and treatments for women with fibroids according to age and ethnicityCompliant9FOI.16.LEW009
FOI.16.LEW0102016-04. AprilCommissioning of ServicesCommissioning of services for children and young people aged 0-25 (short breaks, step-down care, end of life care, transitions between children’s and adult services)Compliant10FOI.16.LEW010
FOI.16.LEW0112016-04. AprilService Provision (details / pathways)Size of patient population covered, cardiac testing and relevant NICE guidanceBreach11FOI.16.LEW011
FOI.16.LEW0122016-04. AprilService Provision (details / pathways)Names of Providers who have signed up to John’s Campaign for the right for people to stay with Dementia Patients in hospitalCompliant12FOI.16.LEW012
FOI.16.LEW0132016-04. AprilStaffing - Contact DetailsHeads of CHC & Procurement contact detailsCompliant13FOI.16.LEW013
FOI.16.LEW0142016-04. AprilProcurement / ContractsCCG reviews of Personal Medical Services (PMS) contractsCompliant14FOI.16.LEW014
FOI.16.LEW0152016-04. AprilSpending / FinancialFunding for practices to work in networks/federations/larger groupsBreach15FOI.16.LEW015
FOI.16.LEW0162016-04. AprilService Provision (details / pathways)Does the CCG commission hypnotherapy routinely or in exceptional casesCompliant16FOI.16.LEW016
FOI.16.LEW0172016-04. AprilOtherCopy of the CCG’s Local Estates StrategyCompliant17FOI.16.LEW017
FOI.16.LEW0182016-04. AprilPatient Transport ServicesDetails about existing patient transport service providers and contract detailsCompliant18FOI.16.LEW018
FOI.16.LEW0192016-04. AprilOtherDetails of CCG staff or board members who have attended events hosted or organised by iMPOWER consultancy in the last three monthsCompliant19FOI.16.LEW019
FOI.16.LEW0202016-04. AprilStaffing - Contact DetailsAgreements with staffing agencies, preferred suppliers and spend on interim staff/temporary workersCompliant20FOI.16.LEW020
FOI.16.LEW0212016-04. AprilOtherStatistics on food bank referrals and the number of people admitted to hospital where malnutrition or malnourishment was a factorCompliant21FOI.16.LEW021
FOI.16.LEW0222016-04. AprilPalliative / End of Life CareCommissioning of palliative care services for children and young people aged 0-25 (short breaks, step-down care, end of life care, transitions between children’s and adult services)Compliant22FOI.16.LEW022
FOI.16.LEW0232016-04. AprilCCG Membership (GP related enquiries)GP practice managers contact detailsCompliant23FOI.16.LEW023
FOI.16.LEW0242016-04. AprilService Provision (details / pathways)Services that were provided when the CCG formed and no longer are, as well as charges/restrictions on eligibilityCompliant24FOI.16.LEW024
FOI.16.LEW0252016-04. AprilStaffing - Contact DetailsDermatology Commissioning Lead contact detailsCompliant25FOI.16.LEW025
FOI.16.LEW0262016-04. AprilMental Health ServicesNumber of Care and Treatment Reviews for people with a diagnosis of learning disabilitiesCompliant26FOI.16.LEW026
FOI.16.LEW0272016-04. AprilSpending / FinancialValue and number of recycled community disability equipment supplied to disabled childrenCompliant27FOI.16.LEW027
FOI.16.LEW0282016-04. AprilMental Health ServicesInput by service users in commissioning and design of mental health servicesCompliant28FOI.16.LEW028
FOI.16.LEW0292016-04. AprilCommissioning of ServicesCalculation of data information for pain medicine or chronic pain services.Breach29FOI.16.LEW029
FOI.16.LEW0302016-04. AprilCommissioning of ServicesLocal commissioning guidelines for rhinoplasty and septorhinoplastyCompliant30FOI.16.LEW030
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