This page contains all of NHS Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group’s policies.

Anti Fraud Bribery Corruption Policy Feb 2017.pdf
Bullying and Harassment policy Approved May16.pdf
CCG Lone Worker Policy FINAL.pdf
Disclosure and Barring Policy 2017.pdf
Family Friendly policy 2015 section a adoption leave Approved May16.pdf
Family Friendly policy 2015 section b maternity leave Approved May16.pdf
Family Friendly policy 2015 section c parental leave Approved May16.pdf
Family Friendly policy 2015 section d shared parental leave Approved May16.pdf
Family Friendly policy 2015 section e Paternity leave Approved May16.pdf
Grievance policy Approved May16.pdf
Incident Reporting Policy FINAL.pdf
Lewisham CCG Annual Leave and Special Leave Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Appraisal Policy 2014.pdf
Lewisham CCG Asbestos Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Business Continuity Mananagement policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Capability Policy Feb 2015.pdf
Lewisham CCG Career Break Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Combined Policy 170619.pdf
Lewisham CCG Complaints Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Conflicts of Interest Policy November 2016.pdf
Lewisham CCG Continuing Healthcare  Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Disciplinary Policy Feb 2015.pdf
Lewisham CCG EPRR Policy 1.0.pdf
Lewisham CCG Equality and Diversity Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Exit Questionnaire and Interview Procedure.pdf
Lewisham CCG Fire Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Flexible Working Policy Approved.pdf
Lewisham CCG Freedom of Information Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Funding and Study Leave Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG General Practice Safguarding Strategy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Gifts and Hospitality Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Health and Safety Policy 1.0.pdf
Lewisham CCG Hearing and Appeals Procedure.pdf
Lewisham CCG Home and Teleworking Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Mandatory and Statutory Training Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Mobile Device Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Organisation Change Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Pharameceutical Industry Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Policy on Policies.pdf
Lewisham CCG Procurement Policy 2.0 November 2016.pdf
Lewisham CCG Protocol for Responding to MPs.pdf
Lewisham CCG Recruitment and Selection Procedures.pdf
Lewisham CCG Registration Authorisation Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Retirement Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Safeguarding Children and Adults Framework February 2016.pdf
Lewisham CCG Safeguarding Through Commissioning Policy v6.pdf
Lewisham CCG SEL Treatment Access Policy 2016.pdf
Lewisham CCG Sickness Absence Policy Approved March 2015.pdf
Lewisham CCG Slip and Trip Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Storage and Disposal of Staff Personnel Files.pdf
Lewisham CCG Suspension Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Sustainability Policy.pdf
Lewisham CCG Temporary staffing policy Approved May16.pdf
Lewisham CCG Violence and Agression Policy.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Constitution v7 April 2017.pdf
Prevent training and competencies framework.pdf
Safeguarding Training Strategy.pdf
SELTreatment Access Policy_2017.pdf
Whistleblowing Policy v1 1 Approved May16.pdf