​Involving local people

Lewisham has a diverse population and we ensure that we are engaging with all of our communities.  

The CCG engages with a wide range of charity, faith and community groups including those working with people who are homeless, those working with refugees and migrants, those working with people with a disability, and a network for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. 

During 2016/2017 we carried out over 80 engagement activities, reaching more than 1,500 people, including at the Phoenix Festival in May 2016, Lewisham’s People’s Day in July 2016, Lewisham’s People’s Day in July 2017, our Annual General Meeting in September 2016, and in many meetings with local voluntary and community groups throughout the year. 

The CCG also hosted a 'pre-consultation event' in September 2016 for planned orthopaedic care as part of the Our Healthier South East London programme.

Supporting patient groups

We support the development of neighbourhood patient participation groups (PPGs) for our GP practices. PPGs are made up of patient representatives from each practice.

During 2016/2017, we held eight neighbourhood PPG Events, covering how practices will collaborate across neighbourhoods, primary care extended access and digital innovation.

Engaging about GP services

During 2016/2017 we engaged widely to obtain local views of experiences using GP services in Lewisham and their views on plans to deliver a new service offering extended access to appointments (8am to 8pm, seven days a week) in the borough.  

During February and March 2017 we commissioned Healthwatch Lewisham to run five focus groups. In addition we ran sessions on this topic in a range of community groups and events. This work has informed the on-going development and the delivery of an extended access service from 1 April 2017. It has also built awareness among patients and the public on primary care access and gathered views on the information people need to support them to find their way around these services.

This engagement also succeeded in forging links with groups we had not previously reached, for example: Lewisham Islamic Centre women's group, Downham Men's Health Group and the Lewisham Young Mothers Group. It has also built upon links to Lewisham's Young Advisors.