Our approach to engagement​

We are part of the NHS. In partnership with Lewisham Council we plan and buy (commission) health and social care services for people in the borough of Lewisham. This includes hospital services, GP practices, mental health services and community care.

Our role is to use money available to meet the needs of the people living in Lewisham in the best possible way. To do this we need to talk to local people, to hear about how they live their lives, what affects them, inspires them and what all of it means for the type of services we commission. 

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Events we have been at recently to engage with local people

  • Phoenix Festival 
    The CCG attended the Phoenix Festival in Downham – it was a key opportunity for the CCG engagement team to interact with thousands of residents who visited the Festival. Residents were able to learn more about the benefits of joining Lewisham Public Reference Group. Read more about the fun filled day.

  •  Our Healthier Lewisham event
    The event offered a platform for local residents to find out more about plans for local health and care services in Lewisham and across south east London. Local people found out about important plans and had the opportunity to give their views on how to help our NHS to meet increasing demands. Lewisham health leaders were on hand to answer questions and discuss plans – more information on the event can be found on the news section