​Engagement activities

Events we have been at recently to engage with local people

  • Phoenix Festival IMG_2489.JPG
    The CCG attended the Phoenix Festival in Downham – it was a key opportunity for the CCG engagement team to interact with thousands of residents who visited the Festival. Residents were able to learn more about the benefits of joining Lewisham Public Reference Group. Read more about the fun filled day.


  •  Our Healthier Lewisham event
    The event offered a platform for local residents to find out more about plans for local health and care services in Lewisham and across south east London. Local people found out about important plans and had the opportunity to give their views on how to help our NHS to meet increasing demands. Lewisham health leaders were on hand to answer questions and discuss plans – more information on the event can be found on the news section.

  • Our Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    We had a great afternoon on the 20 September 2017. With more than 150 participants, it was our biggest AGM since the CCG was formed. We focused on ‘Prevention and Early Action’ and explored what barriers stop people looking after themselves or their families? To open the conversation we tried a new format of engagement that was very well received: Forum Theatre developed by Cardboard Citizens and researched in Lewisham.

    Following the play, the issues were discussed by the audience and audience members were invited to take the stage and demonstrate how things could have been done differently.

    We had a range of local services there with market stalls showcasing services in lewisham that can help with wellbeing and Jane Hughes, an inspiring local patient, told us how the changes she has made to her lifestyle have had a big difference. 

    You said:

    • Communication GP-patients: We understand GPs and other healthcare professionals would ideally have more time for appointments and visits. General recommendations for a successful GP-patient interaction are more eye contact and less time looking at the screen, more personalised treatment, listening and explaining leaflets and increased empathy to improved communication.
    • Prevention must be encouraged through education, using relevant channels to reach more groups. Emphasis on early education (primary and secondary school), use of technology and channels which would reach more general public (social media, TV, newspapers).
    • Change of attitudes – for all. For GPs and other NHS staff. Use a Holistic approach: consider patients as a whole (individual, environment, connections, support). For the general public: we must be more pro-active when taking care of our wellbeing and health. Boost your motivation, look for support and offer support to others. Share information and promote wellbeing.

    What we are doing with your feedback:

    • Sharing your suggestions and recommendations with Lewisham Health and Care partners, training organisations, One Health Lewisham GP Federation and Public Health.
    • Using it to inform our communications plans and working with Public Health for health promotion campaigns.
    • Using our public engagement events to promote the message of physical and mental wellbeing, with an emphasis on prevention.
    • Promoting education and prevention through our website, and encouraging our partners to do the same.
    Read our full report into the AGM 2017. Thank you to everyone who came.