​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Competitive tendering with NHS Lewisham CCG


At NHS Lewisham CCG we plan and buy healthcare services from local organisations to meet the health needs of local people.

Buying healthcare services involves contracting with existing service providers and sometimes includes competitive tendering opportunities. We follow the Department of Health procurement guide for commissioners

By regularly reviewing our plans and the health services we commission, we identify ways to improve efficiency, extend choice and access, and improve patient experience. 

Read our procurement policy here.

​Procurement opportunities and contract awards

In accordance with the NHS Procurement, Patient Choice and Competition Regulations 2013 and NHS England guidance; NHS Lewisham CCG advertises, on this webpage, opportunities for organisations to provide healthcare services.

NHS Lewisham CCG reviews the provision of its services in the autumn of every year, which is underpinned by the CCG's commissioning intentions, resulting in the identification of procurement opportunities for potential providers.  As the procurement process for these services unfolds, timelines are adjusted and updated up to the point of contract award. The following table indicates those services which the CCG has identified as services requiring procurement actions to commence during the fiscal year commencing 1st April 2017. Please see the link below for more details, as well as information on providers who have had contracts awarded.

Procurement Actions and Contracts.pdf

If you require more information, please contact Victoria Medhurst, Associate Director – Commissioning Programmes at lewccg.enquiry@nhs.net.

Community Specialist Palliative Care service update - September 2017

We are pleased to announce that St Christopher's Hospice has been named as the preferred bidder following a competitive tender for the Community Specialist Palliative Care service. This new contract will consolidate services currently available from three providers in Lewisham to a single team led by St Christopher's, ensuring equity of access to care regardless of where a patient lives in the borough. St Christopher's hospice is based in Sydenham and has been providing palliative care to patients in Lewisham and neighbouring boroughs since 1967. The award report following the tender was approved by our Governing Body at their meeting on 20 September. Mobilisation will begin shortly and the new service will become operational on 1 April 2018.

Payments made over £25,000

 As part of our commitment to openness and transparency in respect of public expenditure we publish details of any payments made over £25,000. You can view the NHS Lewisham CCG expenditure reports below.

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NHS Lewisham CCG expenditure over £25k March 2016.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Expenditure over £25k February 2018 (2).pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Expenditure over £25 June 2018.pdf
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NHS Lewisham CCG Expenditure over 25k_March 2017.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Expenditure over 25k_Feb 2017.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Expenditure over £25k September 2017.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Expenditure over £25k November 2017.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Expenditure over £25k June 2017.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Expediture over £25k August 2017.pdf
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NHS Lewisham CCG Expenditure over 25k_Sept 2016.pdf
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NHS Lewisham CCG expenditure over 25K August 2016.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG £25k Report Feb 2016.pdf
201606 NHS Lewisham CCG Expenditure over 25k_June 2016.pdf
201604 NHS Lewisham CCG Expenditure over 25k_April 2016.pdf
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