​​​​​​​​​​​​Our plans


Lewisham has a young and vibrant population of around 285,000 people.  At NHS Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), we work on behalf of all Lewisham residents to plan and purchase NHS services that will improve their health.

We work closely with local patients, their families and carers, general public and our partners such as the council, health providers and voluntary organisations to develop our plans. In 2013, we worked together to identify the challenges we face in achieving the best health for Lewisham. We have now set out our priorities and a long-term vision to guide us.
We have a clear vision for providing NHS services to the people of Lewisham and the plans in place to achieve it. Find out how we plan to purchase NHS services by downloading our NHS Lewisham CCG commissioning intentions 2014-2016.​​

Sustainability and Transformation Plan

In December 2015, health and care systems were asked to come together to create their own ambitious local blueprint for implementing the Five Year Forward View, up to March 2021, known as Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs). The final plan for south east London is now available. The latest information can be found on the ​Our Healthier South East London website. The full plan and a summary can be downloaded from the list below.​

NHS Lewisham CCG Constitution v7 April 2017.pdf
Partnership Commissioning Intentions 2017-19  FINAL Version.pdf
Summary south East London STP October 2016.pdf
South East London STP October 2016.pdf
Quality Improvement Strategy and Quality Assurance Framework August 2016.pdf
Corporate Objectives 2016-17 approved  Governing Body June 2016.pdf
Lewisham CCG Safeguarding Children and Adults Framework February 2016.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Annual Report and Accounts 2014-15.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Strategic report 2014-15 summary version.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Summary of commissioning intentions 2014-2016 (Draft).pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Organisational development plan (July 2012).pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG public engagement strategy.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Emergency department recovery plan April 2013.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Governance pack 2012.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Information Governance Framework 2013.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Integrated risk management strategy July 2012.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Adult Integrated Care Programme – Programme Initiation Document (PID) 2013.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Commissioning intentions 2014-2016 (Draft).pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Commissioning strategy 2013-18.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Communications and engagement strategy 2012.pdf
NHS Lewisham Prospectus 2013.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG 5 year Strategy 2013-18.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Joint Commissioning Intentions for Integrated  Care 201516  2016 17.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Strategic Framework 2015-16 to 2018-19 April15.pdf
NHSE Better Care Fund - Planning template Nov 2014.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Operating Plan 2014-2016.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Commissioning intentions 2014-15 and 2015-16.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Strategic Planning July 2014.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Corporate Objectives July 2014.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Commissioning intentions 2014-2016 (Draft) Summary.pdf
NHS Lewisham CCG Corporate Objectives July 2014.pdf